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What do we do?

We at Infinite-Python developed an open-source tutorial site to share our deep knowledge of python with the world. Infinite-Python is a platform created by developers who are passionate about the vast world of python and all its relevant technologies.

Our aim is to deliver the content in a way that is easily understood by everyone. Every topic employs an example to help the reader better understand it.

What we serve to our infinite-python community:




Our Principle:

We strongly believe in the Feynman principle. We learn, create, test and then teach the concepts to our infinite-python community.

  • Study the concept
  • Explain the concept to someone new to the concept and observe the extent to which he/she grasps the concept.
  • In the process try to find the gaps in your learning.Fill the gap by revisiting the concept (i.e step-1)


We follow W4 technique of teaching

W1: stands for what is it?

W2: stands for why should you learn it?

W3: stands for how should you learn it?

W4: stands for what should you learn next?

About me:

I am Prashanth, an entrepreneur and a passionate python developer. I got invested in python during my third semester of college and employed the amazing tool; the internet to master it. But my journey to mastery wasn’t simple, for there was never a cohesive source for my study . This motivated me to build a single master tool so that you can be the next skilled python developer. This is how Infinite-python was born. The extensive resources made available to you through Infinite-python will help you achieve your dream level of mastery in Python.